Gourmet Girl on the Go is all about good food, good company and great travel destinations with a foodie theme.

Our Photography captures these moments, and all photos were taken by
Gourmet Girl on the Go founder, Megan Rainnie.

Each photo is available as: 
- 8x10 on a 11x14 mat (framed or unframed)
    - 11x14 on a 16 x 20 mat (framed or unframed)
- 16 x 20 unmatted (framed or unframed)
- 16x 20 canvas print
- 5x7 greeting cards, handmade on bevelled edge paper with 4x6 photo

 All photos and cards are signed by Megan.
 If you would like her to personalize your photos, please request it with your order.

If you are in Aspen, you can see the whole collection at
the Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus. 

 Click Here to view Photos on our Facebook Page

Foodie Photos    
Cinque Terre
Red Currants and Melons

Picnic at Borough Market

We accept VISA, MC & PAYPAL

8 x 10 photo on 11 x 14 white mat                      $25
8 x 10 photo on 11 x 14 black mat                      $25
Either of above, framed with black frame          $50

11x 14 photo on 16 x 20 white mat                     $50
11x 14 photo on 16 x 20 black mat                     $50

Above, Framed                                                    $75

16 x 20 photo unmatted                                       $40
Above, Framed                                                    $95

16 x 20 Canvas Print
Gallery wrapped with 1.5" wrap                         $95
16 x 20 Canvas Print
Gallery wrapped with .75" wrap                         $85

Greeting Cards:  Handmade 4 x 6 print on 5 x 7
bevelled edge card with matching envelope
Each                                                                     $4
Pack of 3                                                              $10
Box of 8                                                               $25
Packs and Boxes can be mixed and matched
Please call or email us to place your order, and we will send you online payment instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking Retreats

Frequently Asked Questions     or just call us with your own Question

Q I want to spend time with my friend/boyfriend/husband/sister but he/she does not like to cook 

     A Non-cooking class participants are also welcome and will be included in all other activities and meals ... We are close to fly fishing, sailing, and many other activities your spouse or friends can partake in while you are enjoying the cooking classes, or they can just hangout at our wonderful hillside lodge


Q I have certain food allergies, how will I know that there will be plenty for me to eat

    A Your chef instructor(s) have cooked for private families and events for years, and have plenty of experience with most food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.  Once we have confirmed your space in the retreat, we will be sending you a detailed booking form to note any allergies or food concerns you might have.  Feel free to call us to discuss directly.


Q I would love to give this as a gift - how can I do that?

    A Gourmet Girl on the Go offers Gift Certficates that are good for one year.  They can be used for cooking retreats, private classes, private chef dinners or any of our Photography or greeting card selections


Q It sounds like fun, but are we going to be stuck in the kitchen all the time - its my weekend away with friends and I want to spend time hanging out

     A We have been conducting cooking retreats and tours in the US and Europe since 2003, and believe we have created the perfect balance between activity, rest and relaxation.  You are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you want.  But we suggest you don't skip any meals!


Q What are we actually going to be cooking? I don't see a menu posted.  How do I know what I will be learning?

     A We believe in cooking seasonally and maximizing the flavors of local ingredients picked at their peak.  A final menu of all meals and classes will be sent to class participants no later than one week prior to the retreat.  This allows us to include the best produce of the season, and also accommodate any special dietary or teaching requests from our final list of retreat participants.  You will definately get plenty of practice honing your knife skills, learning how to use herbs effectively, some great quick and easy appetizer ideas, and some form of baking, including either seasonal fruits and/or chocolate.  In addition we will talk about menu planning, timing and the execution so you too can plan your own dinner party - or family meal at home.


Q I would love to sign up but I don't know anyone - how do I know that we will get along?

      A Experience has shown us that long lasting friendships, spanning continents and years have been formed on our trips.  All our participants are foodie lovers, and your chef instructors / hosts have come up with some creative ways to break the ice when new groups meet.  Be prepared for your 5th or 6th annual reunion with the friends you will make on our retreats. 


Q I have my own group of friends I would love to do this getaway with do you offer your retreats to private groups? And how much will it cost?

      A Absolutely.  And you will enjoy a discounted rate.  Final rates will depend on the number of participants.  We can accommodate up to 10 -12 guests for private groups. You may choose from the scheduled dates if no other participants have signed up yet, or you can choose your own date, subject to availability.


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