Gourmet Girl on the Go is all about good food, good company and great travel destinations with a foodie theme.

Our Photography captures these moments, and all photos were taken by
Gourmet Girl on the Go founder, Megan Rainnie.

Each photo is available as: 
- 8x10 on a 11x14 mat (framed or unframed)
    - 11x14 on a 16 x 20 mat (framed or unframed)
- 16 x 20 unmatted (framed or unframed)
- 16x 20 canvas print
- 5x7 greeting cards, handmade on bevelled edge paper with 4x6 photo

 All photos and cards are signed by Megan.
 If you would like her to personalize your photos, please request it with your order.

If you are in Aspen, you can see the whole collection at
the Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus. 

 Click Here to view Photos on our Facebook Page

Foodie Photos    
Cinque Terre
Red Currants and Melons

Picnic at Borough Market

We accept VISA, MC & PAYPAL

8 x 10 photo on 11 x 14 white mat                      $25
8 x 10 photo on 11 x 14 black mat                      $25
Either of above, framed with black frame          $50

11x 14 photo on 16 x 20 white mat                     $50
11x 14 photo on 16 x 20 black mat                     $50

Above, Framed                                                    $75

16 x 20 photo unmatted                                       $40
Above, Framed                                                    $95

16 x 20 Canvas Print
Gallery wrapped with 1.5" wrap                         $95
16 x 20 Canvas Print
Gallery wrapped with .75" wrap                         $85

Greeting Cards:  Handmade 4 x 6 print on 5 x 7
bevelled edge card with matching envelope
Each                                                                     $4
Pack of 3                                                              $10
Box of 8                                                               $25
Packs and Boxes can be mixed and matched
Please call or email us to place your order, and we will send you online payment instructions

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Yosefa Platt said:   October 28, 2011 4:39 pm PST
I enjoyed it a lot... Thank you

Austen Taylor said:   October 28, 2011 4:36 pm PST
Great class, you are patient and helpful, and you made the class about us and improving our skills. Best TIPS I learnt: chopping, info on chemistry between ingredients, reading through entire recipe first. Loved the social atmosphere and instruction

Heidi Kowar said:   October 28, 2011 4:32 pm PST
Great experience! Enjoyed the comraderie, chopping, everyone pitching in

Harmony Teitsworth said:   October 28, 2011 4:28 pm PST
The class was so much fun and I learned a lot more than previous cooking classes I have attended. I am really looking forward to coming back for future classes and cooking with the unique group of people Gourmet Girl on the Go attracts! Best TIPS I learnt: Cutting onions, peeling ginger, and why you mix butter and oil when you cook

Erin Engman said:   September 6, 2011 6:43 pm PST
Two years ago, my aunt had Megan's chicken salad at my mother's 80th birthday party. She has been talking about it ever since. Fortunately for my aunt, Megan moved to her home town of Aspen and as a treat, I had Megan make her a batch. She is in heaven!

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